• Hair Loss Remedy

    In this article, we would like to highlight remedies whose main purpose is to stop hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia.

    Warning: Never take any of the hair loss remedies mentioned in this article without consulting your doctor! Look here for additional insights: best dht blocker shampoo


    Androgenic alopecia


    The appearance of androgenic alopecia is due to a genetic predisposition, when the hair follicles on the head are sensitive to the negative influence of male hormones. It is male androgens, testosterone and its forms that provoke this type of hair loss. Over time, under the influence of androgens, the follicles that form the hair are destroyed.


    It all starts with a loss of thickness, the color changes, the hair becomes vellus. With androgenic alopecia, the hair growth phase is disrupted. The greatest effect on hair in androgenic alopecia is DHT - dehydrotestosterone. To reduce its effect, special preparations have been created - DHT blockers.


    Dehydrotestosterone blockers


    The task of dehydrotestosterone blockers is to stop the conversion of testosterone to dehydrotestosterone. Unfortunately, this will not help regain hair, but it will stop the further development of alopecia. To recover hair, more serious methods are needed, for example, hair transplant . Among the blockers, there are two main generally recognized drugs:

    • Finasteride- reduces the amount of dehydrotestosterone, reduces its concentration within 24 hours. Taken orally, a dosage of 1 milligram per day is recommended. The drug blocks reductases that convert testosterone to dehydrotestosterone. Has side effects to watch out for.
    • Dutasteride - has a similar effect with finasteride, but since dutasteride acts on type 1 reductase, in contrast to finasteride, it works more efficiently. But, unfortunately, dussteride is more likely to have side effects.

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    The main side effect that worries men is a decrease in potency, in addition to this, there are:

    • Decreased libido
    • Ejaculation disorders
    • Breast enlargement

    Natural DHT blockers


    In addition to synthesized drugs, you can also isolate natural remedies for suppressing DHT, which have no side effects.

    1. Nettle
    2. Reishi mushroom
    3. Eklonia Kava
    4. Serenoa palm

    Androgen receptor blockers


    The principle of action of these drugs differs from DHT blockers in that they are designed to eliminate the reaction of androgen receptors on the scalp. Used twice a day and exclusively under medical supervision:

    • CB-03-01
    • RU58841

    We believe that the use of synthetic blockers in modern conditions, when there are alternative methods, does not make sense, since the potential harm to health negates all the benefits of their use.


    Aesthetic medicine offers an ideal alternative route - hair transplantation. The transplanted hair is not affected by androgens and will stay with you forever.